Broken Angel

Hands clutching the dagger of life,wings shedding like the tipu
Surrounded by flames that scorch like the fiery sun
Her arms protecting her baby
Betrayed by the friends of her youth
Her cloak torn in the endless struggles
The molten black gold gushing out her veins
Stabbed by her lover, she falls seemingly to her death

Holding onto the last thread of hope,she clings hard to survive
Memories of her formerly happy life assaulting her thoughts
Was that the sting of betrayal?
It was the pain of a thousand daggers striking at once
She doesn’t want to survive but she owes her baby
If only she could be alone so her miserable life may end

Her duty as a mother weighs heavily on her but how long can she hold on?
Pearls of tears lost to the river,she lets go,leaving her fate to destiny
If she dies, she dies
If she lives, she lives

Suddenly,a hand grabs her, laying her by the riverbank
Holding tightly her baby, she kissed him
‘I love you. I would walk on broken glass for you’

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