As I pick up my pen to delineate my heartbreak

I’ve gotten to realize that all was nothing but fake

Affectionate calls, numerous promises, optimistic waits

From emotional gifts to exciting adventures to candlelit dinner dates


“I’ve found a love for me” I thought, the girl with the most silk lips

Our relationship so flourished that it provoked envy in our peeps

Each and everyone looked up to our relationship as the perfect one

Our romantic programmes provoked positive feedbacks from dusk till dawn


Not until you came and pulled the breakup card “it’s over”

My heart bled while you began to rover

We were seen as Romeo and Juliet

Now I wish we had never met


Every breath, every hour now comes to broaden my brokenness

I have died everyday waiting for your forgiveness

Though I didn’t wrong you, just wanna apologize

So that our once envied relationship would materialize


Mending my heart pieces you pledged my fall

You now make me see love as I detest gall

My blood trickles, I’ve lost self control

Hypnotherapy might help my shattered heart, making it whole


Mi amor, with deep affection, I gave you my heart

Sadly, you’ve tattered and torn it apart

You promised you’d play with my heart not

But you’ve made it crest fallen and severely hurt


You now leave me in the darkest cave of anguish and loneliness

Just to deal with my misery and brokenness

I’m downcast, despondent and sad

Grief stricken, heavy-hearted and mad


Tears well up in my eyes when I say your name

Now I’m broken, I’m torn and still to blame


© Fortune Ben

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