Burn After Reading

It’s been 4 years, 3 months and 6 days

Since the last time we walked on the beach

The sand crusting over my feet

And you laughing each time I tripped

And me smiling because I could never get mad at you for it


There’s been 24 orders of Chinese food take-outs from Benny’s

One box of Shanghai noodles for me

And one plate of prawn Manchurian for you –

The extra spicy kind,

Though I can never eat it, because well, I’m vegetarian

And you know it


There’s been 43 missed calls – some cut hastily,

Some on drunken nights’ voice calls.

Yes, I’m still technologically challenged

But that’s not why they’re ‘Missed Calls’.

It was strange that you called so much when you claimed

That you preferred messages, and yet

I’ve never had the courage to tell you that yours was the only call I’d take


There’s been 28 novels, 33 movies,16 shopping sprees

Unlimited bowls of ice-cream;

And infinite nights – with tears;

Moments of regret; of rage;

And even more of memories and the omnipresent ache.

I always knew you preferred my lists

to your own.

So here’s the detailed list of everything you owe me.

P.S. Kindly burn after reading.

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