cedar trees

cedar trees


i went to a healer and 

he looked at my fears: 

fragility.     failure.     inadequacy. 


and he gave me 


a remedy 


he told me it was made 

from the bark of 

the cedar tree


then, i finally knew why 

whenever i 

went to the woods i

was drawn to the cedar trees


why i would walk up to them

touch the rough 

peeling bark 

and inhale the bitter spice

left behind on my hands  


i finally knew why i 

sought out the tallest red cedar

no wind could waver 

when it felt like 

at most 

a soft breeze

would topple me 


the hundreds of pictures i took 

of the sun coming through

the giant cedars 

like arms reaching out 

to protect me


it finally made sense


i suppose, 


i was only searching

for something 

to heal me 

What are you looking for?