Comic tragedy

It was a perceived joke, my dear friend,
We laughed and jested at the notion,
No one could imagine what would happen in the end,
Not even in the slightest imagination.

After the burdens and stresses served hot by the environments,
All four of us regrouped in the room as usual,
Sitting down and sharing our weights and mental detriments,
All scenarios so horrifyingly visual.

John! John! John!
The happiest and most vibrant in the room,
Without him, the atmosphere will never be fun,
In reminiscence; in gloom.

That day, I remember, felt so normal,
Business as usual, sharing and bonding,
Going one after the other, laughing off our issues in dismissal,
This emotion is now never ending.

John spoke; we all looked in amazement, shaken,
Silence grew and the angel passed, the judge in white,
No one knew the statement was stamped, in heaven,
But oh well; he must have been joking, right?

The aura of seriousness was first at it’s peak,
But dragged down by the spirit of gelos,
The day went on as usual, seemingly sleek,
We ate, we talked some more, all for the happiness cause.

3 weeks passed since that notion was established,
Coming back to regroup as usual; but, today had another agenda,
A single tear drop rolling down our eyes, flow of oceans later accompanied,
From that day, things never got better.

John! John! John!
That name ever clanging and chiming in our mental psyche,
Our dear friend had travelled far away, beyond the stars and sun,
Committed by his own hand, how tragic can that be?

It was a perceived joke, my beloved friend,
We laughed and jested at the notion out of ignorance,
No one wanted what happened in the end,
But now his face, we would never glance.

All we can say is “had I known”,
All we can do is weep in sorrow and despair,
Why not take action now to prevent the loss of our own?
That is, if you hold them really close and dear.
This is the end of my comic tragedy.










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