i.  Joseph Wilson-Acquah  
iii.  233272520944.         
iv.  Ghana
v.   Sculptor/Writer
             CORONA VIRUS 
Oh Colonial Virus!
Why call me Colonial Virus?
No where did my land of birth colonized.
I am Corona Virus from China.
Woe to you Corona Virus!
Born in the city of Wuhan in China 
I sneaked from the lab,
Entering the street, 
Chasing innocent old market women
At Wet market cluster
And killing them. 
Woe to you Corona Virus!!
An invisible terrorist,
Escaping from China and straight to Italy.
Terrorizing the whole world
And confining them to their houses.
All public places were empty.
Churches, Mosques, great parks, 
Monuments, Stadiums, Schools, 
Markets, Parliaments, and Courts.
Of a truth, Corona Virus is no respect 
Of a person.
But in every nation any one 
Who would put on Nose and Mouth mask 
Could escape her terror.
Not even the Pope.
Rome, the eternal city is deserted.
And you could see the lonely Pope
Running through the empty streets of Rome 
As a stranded traveler 
Looking for a place to lodge.
How the World News told us.
No fantasy  in Disney.
Fear has taken hold of everybody.
No romance, in echoes Paris lives.
Caged in silence, London, 
The Queen spoke to her people 
From a hidden room.
Hurray! the law of old,
Stone the sinner is no more in Mecca.
As Putin said it,
How all football fields are deserted,
There is a woman behind the
Creation of this Virus.
Lost to memory are all public shows.
How dare you celebrate, ye celebrates!
As already stated, 
Corona Virus is no respecter of anybody,
Whether you are citizen or 
Immigrant, you can’t step outside. 
Funny, how animals are watching us,
As we hide in our cages, the houses.
That city that never sleeps, 
New York is now asleep, all quiet.
Oh China, you are not exception.
No longer a fortress, your wall.
On their knees, the developed nations,
Speechless, the G8 Nations too.
All exotic weddings, fashion shows,
Festivals are all lost to memory.
But the world still goes on.
The Sun still shines, crickets, frogs.
The Birds still sing and make noise.
I never spared the Chinese 
They paid for their evil worth.
Trying to escape blame,
5G Mast was the scape-goat.
Mysterious, the journey to Italy and Spain.
Christendom’s major season, 
The Easter, all in turmoil.
I wanted to prove to them that 
Communist was I born.
And in God would I not believe.
But to tell them that 
Their God does not exist.
Because I have been able to 
Confine them to their houses, and 
Their Churches have I closed.
Observation of Easter was out of question.
The War had begun.
Trump, on the Chinese he jumped.
Blaming them as the 
Originator of the Corona Virus;
And the Chinese fought back 
Trying to escape blame
But it was not easy.
And suddenly a female Chinese 
Virologist exposed the Chinese 
As the manufacturer of the Virus.
Causing this scientist to 
Seek livelihood in the United States. 
Now the fight to overcome this
Terrorist which is invisible.
Simple strategies were developed.
 Co-named__Social Distancing.
 A  pressure was easing and after 
Six months confinements, 
Into the Church were we again.
But services with caution.
Do you know what!
We were more than Bull Dogs.
With Cover on our Nose and Mouth.
Hands could not shake
But  our elbows 
We express hand shake.
One experience Verona Virus
Has taught us.
With strict protocols
We could now manage
With Distancing a meter long 
We could sit in transports.
Numbered were the Church pews,
And Social Distancing in control.
Opportunity has Corona Virus created, 
The ways to make money worldwide
Making and selling of Nose and Mouth mask .
China was not an exception.
Other nations taking turns
Manufacturing the Nose and Mouth mask 
To the detriment of exploiting the World.
World population imaginary,
One mask could only be daily use.
Opportunity falling out of evil.
Day in day out were people dying,
In China, in United States, Brazil,
United Kingdom, India, Australia, Russia 
And many places but not much in Africa 
The place envisaged for the disease 
For much death.
Our salvation, out of the heat did it come
With much heat Verona Virus is powerless.
This phenomenon being the weapon 
To stand Corona Virus terror in Africa.
Try your luck, many scientist erupted out
With cure but all in vain.
How can we overcome you,
Invisible terrorist!
The race to develop the Vaccine has started 
But whom to trust?
The Americans or the Chinese?
Or the Indians or the British?
Fear has gripped everyone. 
Nobody trust anybody.
But we have to finished the work 
By creating vaccine to curtail the spread 
At the height of the out-break
Did many herbal cure showed their face 
Of which were not welcomed by WHO,
The WHO, the World Health Organization 
Was the authenticity to approve any
Medication for the cure of the Virus.
To the scene have all nations
Made a leap as era of 
The Industrial Revolution and Alchemists 
Where men were trying to create 
Gold out of other metals.
The world is mischievous platform 
Always looking for a chance 
To make money or name.
A long distance or short distance journey 
At the house entrance there they end. 
Now the Vaccine has been approved. 
Terrorist that no eye could see,
Your backbone is broken;
You are devastated;
You are done with;
You locked them down, 
Now you are also locked down.
And no mercy for your evils.

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