cycle of mankind

Soft wind, soft whispers caressing cheeks, 
birds with broken wings,
unable to move,
unable to feel,
powerless at sundown, 
didn’t even understand why.


It was too cheesy, suffering over love, 
over joyful little moments, not more.
Losing a couple of pieces from every soul,
from its own,
that’s how greedy love was
always taking,
turning into a dark paradise,
a place in where darkness engulf sentiments,
until love oh so kind, so frailty and so warm,
was meant to be buried in the agonizing dimness.

It was cheesy, it was crazy, suffering over existence. 
Worse than love, even greedier was life, 
always taking, 
never giving.


With discontent and mixed beliefs,
loving love, living life 
without denying cycles were cruel.

And a human could only take it all,
pretending nothing will happen
with minutes, hours and seconds going,
not really knowing the answers, 
being blinded,
life being selfish, love unable to talk.


Time overflowing racing through space,
having mankind chasing an eternal light they could never reach, 
but never fading, stronger than fire. 
Unable to move, unable to feel
with no place to hide, with no wings to beat,
trapped in a sour and neverending dream,
no truth, no color.


And life was cheesier,
driven by fraudulent laws, 
making men a willing accomplice
daring to cease, ready to spread malice
Offering  vivacity,
taking away vitality.

Thrilled with satisfaction,
pleased by its creations
bragging originality,
always emotional, in need of attention
before trembling down into tiny little pieces, 
soul by soul, pushing them to the void.


Life, killing to save a life.
As well so beautiful, full of snuggly welcomings
and warming farewells.
Embracing ephemeral seconds
as it takes everything it can, 
as it creates new forms, 
new souls, 
new hope.


Humanity, ready to take it all. 
Receiving and refusing,
with gratefulness, 
with unthankfulness,
life and love received it all.

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