Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain


A daisy chain, benign in threads, tied by fingers small and red.

My god! Those knots of severed heads, yellow buds on olive stems.

A pinch, one twist of the wrist and off they go! Heave ho!

Pick a thread- blue? Green? (Red is best, of course).

One stitch, two knots, three-


A needle pierces the bright heart of the blossom.

Yellow petals flutter past the spoke whose open eye

is doomed to remain unseeing.


One stitch, two knots, three-


Words can pass through an open mouth, like threads

through a needle, weaving in and out by the gentle

stroke of an artist’s hand- or the brute force of a stab.


One stitch, two knots, three-


Don’t, my love, let your words entangle, nor your mouth

sharpen with the intention to strangle the secret buds

hidden away in the depth of one’s heart.


One stitch, two knots, three-


You will hear many a whispered thing, some of which you will

be doomed to believe. But come- let us not talk of secrets and

dreary sins! Heave ho! Where is the red thread? Come!

Let me show you a thing or two-


One stitch, two knots, three.

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