Deafening will

Silence deafens me to the core,

yet I can’t say it’s what I abhor.

More so, since I can’t ignore it,

what I still try to restore.


The beating of another heart,

which truly breaks me apart. See, 

I’ve never been truly smart

in matters of life’s art. 


Or the gasp of a breath of another

brings the day its harmony and color.

Either we recover or discover.

Really, what would you rather?


And I still look for you in the mirror

stare at my eyes and consider

that I miss myself better

when I’m not this bitter.


So I lose air as I speak longer.

In forgiving, we’re all beginners.

Give grace to the sinners.

Recall making your own pillar.


Speak more, silence is for resting.

I hope you stop all the testing,

you do to yourself,

– and just,

just be willing.









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