When you close your eyes,

What do you see?



I see a world, waiting there just for me

I see dragons and pixies

And goblins and trolls.

Mountains and mushrooms

And caverns and crystals.

A life and a world only I can dream of.


And sometimes

I’m riding a roller coaster or playing with my friends,

Or baking or singing.

Living a life lots of children would only dream about.


Sometimes I’d see myself graduating,

Or getting into University.

Moving into a place that I can call “home”.


And sometimes I wish

This were true.

My dreams, my reality.

And maybe someday they can be.


But if that were true,

Would the nightmares be too?


Because sometimes,

I dream about a world that is dark.

I see creatures and monsters,

And deep caverns and ravines with no end I can see.

Not death, but being forever trapped in the dark void, abyss with no path to reality.

A life and a world only I can dream of.


And sometimes

I’m drowning or calling out for somebody but nobody’s there.

Or watching a life that I have no control of.



I dream about nothing.

No colour, no light, no sound.

I don’t even know if I’m there.


Sometimes I wonder,

If there is a reason

Why not all dreams come true.

And maybe,

That’s something good.

What are you looking for?