Fair Differences

Some people look good in sandals

And others look cool in shoes 

I look good in neither  

And that is okay. 


Some are inspired by nature  

While others love to travel  

I stay indoors and think a lot  

And this is fine too. 


Some love to travel to see the world 

I see the world behind a screen  

The trees, the mountains great and tall 

I choose to admire from the box 


Some are white and some are red

Some are patched and some, gold-plated

But I am black or more—burnt umber

And that is awesome too


For in shades and blend we may differ

Yet one humanity we are deep at heart

In difference we learn to find our purpose

That  which surpasses color and race—fair differences   


Fair differences—makes us human


Even though we are different—yet the same 

Our differences make us who we are 

What are you looking for?