34 years ago
14 women killed
For existing as women
In engineering halls

I am a woman
I exist
In engineering halls
It’s not my fault

Was it his. That he killed
That he hated
What have we changed since that day
When it couldn’t be ignored

We used to burn
Witches at the stake
Now we just beat them
And make jokes about it
And say ‘don’t be soft’

We all grew up
In this same wierd way
Where having a split crotch
Was shamed
You are shame
You exist
In a biological way
That is less

Who owns this shame
How do we change
Who is the champion now
Can I tell you
That your voice
Is loud
And mine
Is quiet

Can you ask
What to do
Or is that a burden

Uncomfortable truths exist like
Little piles of
Toe nail clippings

We aren’t there
We are somewhere
Knitting together
A fabric

What colour is your thread?

What are you looking for?