Friends of two

Today here I share with you

A story of our ‘Friends of two’

I kept ‘Golu’ as her name.

She’s my best friend that’s what I claim.

She’s the one whom I used to hate. 

Don’t know how but she became my best mate.

We’re filled with so much emotion.

That sometime I feel, we drank the ‘cry’ named potion.

After finishing one plate of ‘fuchka’ when she asks me “Should I take one more?”

For her broad, sweet smile I just cannot ignore.

After school on our way to home we used to walk under the sunrays.

I didn’t want the roads to end fast because I still had more to say.

She’s a bad apple when she says about someone she couldn’t forgive.

Yet at the end no one but her, will add a verdict to reason the mischief.

Each and everytime when I fail to make a joke.

She consoles with sympathy as her ‘patience’ never broke.

I’m her little tiny dove

Who’ll always fill her with love.

And whenever I ask her help,

She keeps me above.

So I really want to tell her ” Don’t you dare to leave me ever.

Yes, I’m one of yours and you’re one of my ‘FOREVER’!”

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