Golden Rain Tree Grave

Golden Rain Tree Grave


the sky

is impenetrably dark.


rain lashes bitterly

at your back.


your cheeks

are stained with tears

but every lonely ghost

you pass

on the trail to damnation


it is just rain.


maybe they never learned that nothing

is ever solely what it seems.


no thunder warns you

of the lightning,

the soul-wrenching,


twin forks of lightning.


neither you

nor the tree

will ever be the same.


the world

pours you forth

like a libation;


your blood sings to be spilt,

and the rock obliges,

and the rainwater

is an ablution,

rendered holy

by your sacrifice.


your body begs to be buried,

and it is not long before the tree

blankets you in fallen leaves.


your dying wish was for

the light of other days

to touch your skin like a lover; and

Winter could not caress you more softly

if she tried.


your unseeing eyes lament

that they squandered their days

in the sun, your hands

have fallen still,

your voice

is forever silenced;

but the tree

is as good of a guardian

as anyone could wish for;

she shelters you

in death;

and has never since


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