I have been taught

to be proud of myself

“Do not keep the knot

Let the silk unroll itself

Stay true and stay strong

Stray not in the hellish crowd

Stay up in the strained air

Stain not your attire with smut

Whatever they spray and throw

Just hang on to what you’ve sown.”



They lecture me long,


and they lecture me good.


But someone whispers in my ear

“Here’s a lil’ somethin’ ya needa hear.


An unspoken secret that everyone knows

not spoken of for it speaks on its own.

The hanging of your silk,

refusal of cocooning,

rejection of coloring,

repulsion of letting go,

makes you an easy target

for the rough ropes we market.

And soon you, who is so true to you

will be hanged for reeking such innocent construe.”

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