Hardcore Human

Hardcore Human

Hate-heeled kicks,

words hate hurled at him

whose heart hardened to this.

Smudge smear

on a fresh coat wall,

walls made to crush

blood tears to rush.

Forever fluttering wings

without wind

without Out,

gazing through barring bars

at snatches of staring stars.

Cuffed and led

filing into bus with dread,

watching the world

from a grilled perspective

and then …

the pretty girl

with hazel eyes

of disdain.

All she saw

were prisoners in a prison bus,

criminals in a cage.

How his heartbeat thundered;

how her face enlivened his dreams

for reality was too stark grim.


Echoing footsteps of the snickering guard,

another meeting, another beating,

taunting to beat back but,

He’s changed. He’s in control. He’s human.

Will someone give him a chance?    

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