Haunting Shadow

I am a flower, a wildflower to be exact
lost in woods, alone in fact
Standing in the nucleus, with their eyes on me
how would they know? that a wildflower is worthy?
Trekking down the forest, stepping unto stones
care and love for a wallflower, was never shown

I am a lone black dwarf in this universe
this excruciating, melancholic, chaotic life keeps getting worse
filled with emptiness, how I hate this life, as dark as ebony, as dim as coal
cracks have formed, ribboning my soul
I built this wall covered with chains to protect what’s inside me
but easily passed through, conquering this wee blaze hidden in me

I am a woman made out of glass
a tinted fragile one, I feel outclass
as dark as a shadow is no fun
darkness following me, I can’t outrun
for I am the darkness itself
how I wish I could just find the spell on a bookshelf

Shhh, be quiet… I can see it again…
dragging me down from reaching the top of the mountain
please do help me—it keeps on following me
seeing it makes me shiver, gazing upon thee like a banshee
it’s torturing me, ruining my mind
remedy and luminous I can’t find

Oh yeah I remembered, I shouldn’t be afraid
there’s no aid, tears started to cascade
there’s no way out
still useless even if I shout
For the shadow itself that’s been haunting me
is no other than me.

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