He promised me the stars

I wished upon a gift, a star;

But never reached the one I wanted.

He then came through and changed the road,

He said “I will be gifting you them all”.


A short, nice promise,

He made before he even knew my name.

Impressed, but never really what I wanted,

Cause’ no stars on sky,

Would only show the weakness of the dark,

And thus shy,

The stars are only meant to spark up far,

near Heavean and Hell too;

To shine the way for those that promised stars,

But never found the day to gift them all without no scars.


He asked what was the reason for this gift,

But never got the answear he deserved.

I said, “I only need a lift, a push, from one that wants me do my best,

And that’s the gift I really wish upon,

The star, is only just a test,

That shows me if I found the one”.

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