Hearts Demanding Tomorrow



Oh gods of grief help me

or destroy me.

Do not leave me here with my arms empty

while the winds of terror rent my skin

buffet my body.

The night envelops me, tears at my heart

demons whisper in my ear.

They say you do not care

you will not return

I believe them.

I weep for what once was

cities alive and warm

music aroused and boiling

you and I wrapped together

our hearts demanding tomorrow.

Now there is only today, hours wracked

filled with grief I cannot fathom.

My soul breaking into tiny atoms

that float off and disappear into the air.


The land, gone

burnt into my memory but gone

the earth, the hills, the fields, gone

You, my love, gone

burnt into my memory, but gone

your eyes, your hands, your heart, gone

I stand here alone, my blood icy cold

my feet heavy stones, locked in place

I long to join you, lay down among the thorns

Sink deep into the darkness

The soil caking my eyes

filling my mouth

I am abandoned, strapped to this life of pain

when I wish to be with you and the land, gone.


There will be rivers of blood

if we do not watch.

The hills will be pocked by bullets

if we do not take care.

The sun will darken forever

if we do not protect.

Is anyone listening?

Who will ring the bell?

The gods?

No, they play their games and dance

while the people writhe in pain

stomachs shrinking

throats dry as dust.

Just one sip of water

one cool breeze upon my brow

freedom lifting my body


Run daughter, run

you can win the race

you can ring the bell

you can save the land.

Oh gods of grief, help me.



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