Hell in Visions

i’ve been pacing

across my matted carpet 

listening to my neighborhood

set fire to its 

old ambitions.

i see it

though my window,

admiring the things

it lets go.

the children pattering

satisfaction in the burning of the sky.


half an hour 

to midnight and i’m feeling


in these lonely hours.

visions of hell,

i’m having trouble holding.

visions of you,

holding her…

Visions of you, 

holding yourself.

I feel no one feeling me,

these hours


hell in visions.


i won’t have it here,

twenty minutes left.

the walls are whispering

spells to keep my heart soft…

to drown 

the ignorant death 

of a fly on my windowsill,

the finale

lit by the corner lamp;

i won’t wait for that either.

i’ll pray to all those

burning ambitions

that the new year is spiteful

in considering an infinite delay 

for me.


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