Here and There

I am there
          and here.
A warm northerly
A cold northerly
          my tears
Rolling down
          my fractured 
          to the world.

I am here
           and there.
A red granite rock
           over sea and shoal.
An ancient monolithic
           over oil and coal.
Tugging my
           it sings
           of sorrow and joy.

I am there
           and here.
I sleep-dream
           on a eucalyptus bed
           resting my head
           where Europeans feared
           to tread.
I wake-dream
          on a birch-leaf seat
          a heart, complete,
          the expansive distance
          tasting bittersweet.

I am there
           and here.
Red dust in my
Coughing a cacophony
          of desert sounds
          of bush yarns
          of before and after.
Red granite under 
Swallowing a saline sea
           of similarity
           of sameness 
           of then and now.

I am here
           and there.
I straddle 
           land masses
A rabble of rubble
Hanging on to

I am here
          and there.
I straddle continents
          that divide
Countries fighting
It all up
It all down
           as the world
           goes around. 

I am there
           and here
I am here
           and there.

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