Hope in dark

Feels like my heart is breaking

When the morning skies start aching

This darkness starts faking

Just another broken piece in making

How could I be waking

When I didn’t even sleep

Why is the river I’m sinking in so deep?

Why did my heart start to weep?

Just another moment of bleak

Just when my questions started to seek

I began to feel weak

There’s no ending to what my mind thinks

Everything’s gone in a blink

Just let this moment sink

When the mind starts to feel calm and heart close

It’s the moment when everything shows

Just another serotonin dose

And it all starts to flow

Times when it’s all hollow

Every organ starts to swallow

And there seems to be no other fellow

Trying to feel a little bit yellow

I want you to remember why you’ve to survive

It’s just the moment when you’re all alive

It will go just like another flow

I know you’ll grow

And forget all these sorrows

But until then, you’ve to remind yourself of clouds and the sun

Think of another run

Just with a little bit of fun

I know you’ll make it to the end

and everything will start to make sense

What are you looking for?