Humidity of thoughts

There’s a lot I wanna say,

It’s on my mind, just on the way.


Thoughts have a 50/50 part,

some bring a smile on your face, 

some from outer world drifts you apart.


They have the power to keep you up at night,

you need to fight it, to get out of that plight.


The more you try to run from them, more they chase,

so just hang on there, this is just another phase.


You just need to let it all out,

no matter whatever that is about.


Humidity of thoughts is not so rare,

It’s just that to admit it, everyone doesn’t dare.

Few just pretend that they don’t care,

because for them life hasn’t been that fair.


You can’t express 100% of what you feel,

only who experiences  can relate, no big deal.


Thoughts can  become your friend as well as foe,

it even depends on you, just in case you know.


It can forever be your friend,

I know nowadays that’s not the trend.


If you look at the brighter side,

there’s nothing to be ashamed or hide.


If you try to look at the positive side,

they can really be your friend and guide.


It’s like a journey that never ends,

so why not give it a try and just be friends.


Next time when you have humidity of thoughts,

say hello! lets begin, nothing that costs.






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