I know girls with heads on fire

I know girls with heads on fire
who smile sideways 
rolling out of bed
letting gravity decide 
if head or feet will find the ground first

I know girls all their youth
feet planted words blasting 
waves trying to drown her
snakes trying to slip her
books trying to blame her
for what’s between her legs

I know girls with heads on fire
spent their youth passing 
sideways through hallways 
avoiding unmoving brutes
who won’t get out of the way

I’ve known girls with heads on fire
stuck in windows while ships sell
instructions for clicking needles 
long yarns about needs simple 

I’ve known girls with heads on fire
burnt to a crisp for sewing said things
who throw the first punch
who drag hair around parking lots
who crush fingers crush teeth
with her boot

I know girls who offer rescue
girls who open the door for you
lift thousand pound trucks
let life bulge in her belly
in her hands 
in her throat
shoot skies with riddles
curl hair to be sisters
carry knives to be comrades
bless mornings with softness
kicking excuses outta my front yard

let you win with a few extra points

I’ve known girls who make my heart stop
make me wish I could be
everyone or someone
who arranges her hair with flowers
making friends with a monkey on her shoulder
painting orchids and skulls
in the red earth west

I’ve known girls who plunge into rivers 
tearing up rumours
fingering theories
flying in frequencies 
putting on costumes of fruit ripe sweet

I know girls with heads on fire
who have never known what it’s like to be silenced
never told to be quiet
and they are very young

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