In The Magnet

In The Magnet
Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach
To the mother earth – nothing is too beautiful;
Having a celebrated mind of unconditional sacrifice:
Days go by, things go by and happenings go by –
Yet, best memory achieved go by; gaining secured mind –
Of the closest, following the gained – all round measures
Having opportunity hanged with trustworthy people –
Male and female; especially female of the generation,
Is a fuel and best access to humanity.

Scratching the back of knowledge – outrageous begot:
Fearless approaches and the other to knowledge, emerge,
To mandate fact ameliorating foundational trashy;
Elucidating factual faction of literal knowledge
Of life in relationship to the lyrics of love:
Then, all things meet demands of jovial world.
And position between love and life;
Become a thing of analytical surgery.

Confusion become something of lyrics
To as regards of future changes holding certainty;
Upholding efforts of effects on natures
Where nothing but knowledge issues fashion.
Therefore, environmental rigmarole enfranchises confusion,
And confusion inevitably makes adherence to intensively struggles
For all in securing understandable love of a life is big.

Truly to be roped with –
All round observation and experimentation is to essentially happen
For workload in furtherance is heavily to a pool of an ocean,
And the future is bigger in promises –
Where unknown sprout out for channel of productivity –
Thereby fabricating scores of light and darkness;
So as to make possible state of handles
To exercise full freedom and advantages of love.

In all, hope for loving and living become similar –
Manipulating fact of existence
And to make sequence of analytical reasons behind changes
In a full relationship to human purposes.
Therefore, the certainty of unrelenting second
The whole activities of humans’ races,
Understanding of lyrics of love in relation to life must be comprehended.


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