Meruwa Boy

I saw a miracle wrapped as a gift; A miracle you and I never failed to ignore.
It lay in the smile of a MERUWA boy.
Hope in fragments resting in the eyes of a broken boy.

He towed the roads with patched slippers.
Fingers bloody from pushing the rusty truck,
screaming ” MERUWA!! buy your gallon of water!!”
His pale eyes focused on the path ahead,
Never looking back at the blood trail His wounds left.

As I watch Meruwa boy, I wonder how long he will tour these roads.
Waiting for someone to buy what everyone owned.
But He walked on undaunted, believing someone was out there…
In Need of His rickety gallon of water.

No matter now dark the night is, the sun must rise in the morning.
But even when I don’t see the sun, I will tour the paths of Meruwa boy.
Looking for the shadow of every possibility.
Looking at the stars Meruwa boy saw… even with the sun up.


* Meruwa boy- A slang for a boy who Sells gallons of water

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