Poem By Lisa Principe



For many years, Mr. Sun, your radiant heat gazed

upon me with glowing delight.

When I traveled to oceans, mountains, 

rivers, and forests your bright rays was my warm

companion; in the bright daylight.


Your sunlight, kept me strong and healthy.

Providing me beneficial energy for my long work days.

Mr. Sun, one hot summer day, your

intense heat shinning down on my face,

that I had always embraced; suddenly made me fall ill.

From then on, it was a slow start

of us parting our ways.


These days, dusk and darkness have taken your

place, as my source of wellness.

My admiration for you, has turned into dread!

O how your power, afflicts flareups on me.

Forgive me, you, I am unable to miss!


Sadness, I feel for us both, as pollution

has caused us to be unhealthy.

Our contact, yet limited,

when comfortable, we reunite

with great privilege.


You are God’s first creation, He said:

“Let There Be Light.”

Mr. Sun, I hope one day, we reconnect on a daily basis.

Thank you for the fond memories.

Let us keep fighting the good fight!


Written By Lisa Principe










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