My Heaven on Earth

Looking through the windows

All it was sudden

Everyone became aliens

Realising the Loneliness

The impossible within the world

Not as a frozen willow over the memory

Built  up the faith they meant to break

The glow of summer weather

In depth of doubt and hopelessness

Unless sometimes a shadow falls

From the darkness drifts the light of

Love at intervals.

What pleasure is

O souls that thirst,and the heart that fast

If i could bath in scent

Dress up like everything fine.

I want to run

A little away from troubling town

To make my heart happy

Yes i need some more time

To refresh my soul

I wish go back to my old days

Where i keep my head on my moms lap

Listening stories from her sweet voice

Which would steal all my wounds.

Maa..i have grown enough

But i need that warmest kisses on my forehead

Which could create a peaceful heart.

What are you looking for?