Nature’s Precious Gift

Nature’s Precious Gift


Clouds begin to form and pull away

As the golden ray starts to sway

Birds chirp their rhythmic sound

As they flutter all around


Flowers cover the large meadow

Bright sparkles of the colour yellow

Reflect onto the tranquil stream

Rippling of a luminous beam


The majestic deer leaps high

As a bold eagle soars by

A koala resting in trees

A great white shark zooms across the seas


A bright red gem on a prickly stand

Daises scattered across the land

A golden gem shining bright

One natural glowing light


Trees growing of all kinds

Crystal clear streams go wind

Vines are twisting and are twirled

The Amazon is the lungs of the world


Elephants, monkeys, tigers, and pandas

Snakes, pythons,and strong anacondas

Dolphins, seagulls, eagles, and moles

Nature’s precious gift for us all


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