Ode to a 21st Century Woman

How does she do it all?” people often ponder

For the power of her being leaves them in wonder


 She is the epitome of what a modern Amazon would be

As she boldly faces every challenge hoping for victory


With an armour of strength she knocks down walls built to keep her inside

To be a worker and not just a housewife is something she finally gets to decide


With her sword of courage she cuts down standards that try to put her in her “place”

For she knows that a woman is much more than the ideals that society has shoved in her face


With her helmet of beauty you are proud to hold her on your arm

But the wisdom within her is what greatly adds to her charm


The battles of the women before her have given her room to have a voice

And she uses it to ensure that future generations always get to have a choice


You look at her and see that she is devoted to all that she does

Whether it’s her family or career, she always fights for what she loves


Many struggles she may still have waiting up ahead

But like a true warrior, she will conquer them all with her heart and with her head.

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