On the Day of Your Vaccination


On the Day of Your Vaccination


We have shared

the same condominium

for a year and a half

now. Just you and I.

I watched your silence

and joy

to be near me,

as I did.

This pandemic gave

us the same liminal

space, each with our own

room, we missed each other

when you went to school

now we hold each other

the lines on my palm

going deeper as I see

the route of this destiny

to be together

when you should

have the liberation

of college which I loved

and you are deprived.

But this noon, you shall have

your vaccination

instead of being out

With friends. Now

I know why

I gave you the liberty

of staying south close

to friends, where you

chose to be with former friends

the way it never worked

when we transferred you

to an all boy’s school

Before the pandemic.

Sorry your dad had to

abandon us, and I smoke

which makes me strain

to reach for the car’s seatbelt.

I know, this is as much time

We can have together

I would ever admit to,

anyway. You grew up so

fast, lessons learned not so

much as e-learning but

just being with me.

I love you so much.

You must be strong.

And so, you are

in this most awkward

of loving, together

and yet shy

as you grow of age

when I married your dad.

It would have been a simple

process of growth if

it wasn’t for the pandemic.

You seem so tired.

I wait for you to come home

after your vaccination shot,

A towel to cool your forehead

some paracetamols

my bed for you to sleep in

smelling of me, the way

I smelled your blanket

when you go to school

way back

before the pandemic

changed the culture

of finding each other

in school, college,



and home.

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