Each night they will come for ashes


And touch her coal-black feet


Two great mills of freedom


Her green sun-crown



On the cold-mirrored sky


Sleeping travellers


Keep fuel near knees


Rotting away stomachs



Singularities all, just


Legal infractions


Days drip gold and silver groats


Rolling in the slots of


Thunderous bribes






Blue baby wallets


Bodies matter most


Stained-glass faces


Hear confession



I have to think now


Grind my leaden seeds


Look aloft in hope


An oft-told story


Repeated perversely



Hundreds and thousands built this place


Sweet layered life, made available


Some ice cake


Others worry


If my children come


What will they bring?







Crystal demon’s oath


Lures them beneath loam


Dark waves deck harpies


Speaking in tongues, lying


To shade our mellow souls



We were born joyous



The clocks on the wall point everywhere


Twelve times a day


Each night they come for ashes


Those people you know


That dwell here also

What are you looking for?