Prayers for those who taught me to dream

Behold the characters of parables!

The panaroma of such ornate orgy.

My head got otalgia by such forensic fables.

My world has gormandize and looks puffy.


My melancholia has though desicated,

for the tears are of distilled nectar.

No use in the world of palatined,

since its has given me but a nebula character.


Behold the characters of parables!

You gave me a sky so beautifully unstained

and with time the wings had been revealing.

But Alas! wrong place, wrong time again,

as those got mowed by bearers of authority.


Oh the characters of the parables

in this world of obsession,

how could a weakling survive without an addiction?

The mountain of false mourners burdens me.

Mortify this mordicant

by giving me those wings; to fly back again,

Far from the mortal morale

Far from the mortal morale.

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