Promptings for Gratitude

It is subtle, it is subjective

The way to respond to a favor

Each good deed, all acts of kindness

Done to us deserves a response

From the depth of our heart.

Our Creator cherishes the most

Every act of gratitude

Appreciation is precious to the Heavens

For it unlocks more bountiful channels

Like never before on this planet.


Our gratitude begins from the morn

Before we rise and see the sunrise

And the beauty or non-beauty of the day

Each new day offers the golden chance

To erase previous mistakes and blunders

And offer thanks to Him who gives life

Everyday really offers its blessing

For mortals to appreciate

So, we get more out of this life

Regardless of all ebbs and flow.


This life is a stage of excitement

Danger lurks wherever we go

But with a grateful heart our minds open

We ascend vistas hitherto unknown

To renew and strengthen the faith in us

We owe gratitude to all our benefactors

To every little gift we must give ‘thanks’

To even a great gift, it is also ‘thanks’

We have no foe, no antagonists

Each may be different, but divinely sent.







Thanks to our Creator, and our colleagues

And each from we obtain favor and grace

Even if just a modicum of grace

Gratitude all the time is all we owe

Sometimes life seems dark and dreary

Then let’s appreciate all we have

By this we open wide the floodgate

To receive more and more

As we export gratitude, seamless favors roll in

This dictum exists through all ages.


Teach us then O great Lord to cherish our gifts

Be they great or small

Regardless of their nature and timing

Each time we fulfil our desires

It calls for celebration and thanks

It is therewith that we dredge the channel

A pathway for continuous flow in the river of time

It is only the grateful heart

The most appreciative soul that remains

A steady fountain that receives boundless blessings.


It is the apex of all other virtues

Each time count your blessings and see

How gratitude will turn your life around

The road to utopia is peace and wisdom

Both of these are hidden in gratitude

Buddha entrenched gratitude in his teachings

Taught how to turn confusion into clarity

To banish fear and poverty, embrace gratitude

To open the divine fountain, first adopt that culture

For every kind deed, even if only life, give gratitude.

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