Purity test

We all want to be sent to heaven and learnt key to unlock its tall , embroidered door can be carved by good deed solidifying with time.  people are what they sink their souls into and reflections of them in never imagined manners. like skeleton flowers on drinking rain. 


Returning from evening stroll graffitis filled city walls like grasses spread on open fields . it read: a purity test in town. those getting cent percent shall go to heavens without need to lose body. something more ,  a snowflake sandwich tasting strawberries . largest bite won’t ever lessen it or melt even in maximum microwave heat. tests: cost-effective. not a single penny other than recitations of a parable with reversed syllables. like the sweet potatoes anatomy. practice time: dawn hours. last condition: results will be drumrolled in the entire city. no exceptions allowed , like stylized signatures in cheques. 


The date announced 9:00am 12th august at middleschool ground. three days from now. 


With great precision of lamps holding light I completed the task and reached venue 5 minutes past 9… imagining thick crowd would make me last to undergo the test and machine would crash by then. 


I would be saved from shame like bareness of pages in exams . like keeping the august inside whom I keep secret of first love. like a soft rainbow that opened would tear down to a tear drop. 


On reaching I saw emptiness rustle through queues. the machines waiting for first human voice to sing like a dried river basin looking for first raindrop and then many abridged to form hour-long rain. 


I whispered to the nervous part of me like owl from day-sprout. I have a lifetime to strut through hanging honeywire of purity without letting any drop break beneath my near-to- shivers statistics. 

I return back…

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