Rainbow In Two Colors

of thorns    against bare feet,   pricking the skin    

the brown skin  covered in       the protruding  color, 

the gaze  

the areola,        the mammilla      

traditional reed dance  the culture        

turned into voyeurism,  scopophilia.


                 what happens in between,


of cultured fetishes   on colour,          

the avant-garde         le regard 

& the pretentiousness of art, 

the infinite pursuit of gluteus maximus

the motive     for the capture of   the Hottentot Venus.


                        what happens in between,


of concussing       double consciousness,  

vulnerable vernacular      venerable voice 

of the imbongi    silenced.


                           what happens in between, 


the pulps of wood    turned cold white      sheets 

of terms and conditions, 

the graphite and diminishing,      power and periphery,

a thought     

for the self-sacrifice    of each use   

the kind of altruism   on the end    of a pencil

                           what happens in between,


our rainbow          in two colours,

the spectrum peculiar 

a whole government attempts to hide

the jazz from the blues.


                                      what happens in between,


the dark skin of Ocol          

the inside of a coconut,

sugar plantations of Illovo

bitter taste    the present day,   

vineyards of Stellenbosch

the martyrdom 

the grapes       for bottled wine, 

and that all too familiar red color protruding from the vines

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