Reasons Not to Date

Because I don’t need another “Mark” in my phone with no last name
Because it takes exactly $14.78 one way to Uber to you
Because hours blink by like a deaf lizard
Because Emily Dickinson

Because Ukraine
Because corn is a delicacy
Because you can’t eat the same thing every day
Because when there’s a bridge, there’s always suicide

Because disquieting continents shift above my watercolor body
Because geez, so many files on your desktop
Because everything I want I already got
Because cheese

Because want is just a word
Because “in this moment” has no “you”
Because scoring zero in tennis is called love
Because I’m the only gas station for miles on the desert highway

Because I love you, so then what, I’m still not yours
Because I already owe an apology to so many
Because what happens if you get shot
Because we’re bound to get messy

Because tanto tempo
Because huh, do I know you?
Because I’m a knife always turned inward
Because the gods only laugh when there is wreckage

Because hello, I’m a house
I’ve been broken

What are you looking for?