Rockland County Canticle

detonation of crabapple tree

frothing pink, shooting stars the length

of each branch, profusion of lovely


ticking sprinkler head

counting down the morning

parse each flung rainbow


whisper drift of dandelion down

caught on the updraft

this first inhalation of summer


intoned suburban mantra

of lawnmower blades, counterpoint

strum of garden rake across Bermuda blue


trill of tomatoes still swelling

the vine, bursting seeds

impatient with waiting


squeak of swing set chains

bottoms of our sneakers leave

footprints on the clouds


drip of Jell-O popsicles overflowing

Dixie cups, trickle down forearms

sugar stains blooming our bare knees


squawk of crow struggling

in the jaws of our orange tabby

breaks free, spirals into the blue


murmur pussywillow velvet,

brush across lips pursed

soft, kitten dreaming


humming cicadas fill the dusk

violin string pulse of life

mating calls herald a distant dawn


sigh the screen door hinges

soft clicks of latches

shut the hymnals, close the night

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