Run Deep and Wide

Run Deep and Wide


And with every 

twitch I can 

conjure your 

posture in the


The space

between your 

height and 

the floor

I lie on. 

Twisting into

the midnight carpet.


Rain hurts but bleeds my dreams of your shoulder under my chin. Pressure, holding fabric between your

hands. I would shovel my fist down my throat to hear you say it again.


Taking pills in the morning to

feel your arm rested on mine in 

green and blue and purple.

Your steps ahead choke, your 

gaps in retention. 


And for 

that I am 


I am shallow. 

Promises I make

to my pillow 

go unfollowed

and your position 

will be found in

every faceless 

body on the street.


Say it again so I can eat it and feel the way it tastes in your sour spit. 

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