Everything I think is selfish,

All wants are selfish,

To aspire is selfish,

To be foolish, to try, is selfish,

To be risky is selfish,

To be unsafe,

To express outside the lines,

To write is selfish.


It is selfish,

A waste,

To put my fragile, limited life, energy and body,

Towards anything but the plough of data entry,

Towards a respectable profession,

Towards a respectable passage,

Of respectable children, 

Who will pay respectable taxes.


It is selfish to day dream,

It is selfish to dream at all.

It is selfish to wonder,

To wander, to wish outside of your own pool.

It is selfish to dip experimentally,

In that foreign lake, 

Selfish to wet a toe,

To not submerge yourself and drown.

It is selfish to wriggle.


I want to be a mealworm.

I want to feast and sample all fleshes.

I cannot die of thirst in the ocean of pity and repression.

I want to swim.

I want to be selfish.

I want to bathe in my selfishness.

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