Invoke away.
(Note: It’s what people do.)


The sole responsibly to manage
the dangerous relationship of your mother’s back
to imperfections in the suburban sidewalk
is a tremendous responsibility,
casually dispensed
to small children who must
be prevented
from leaving home.

Cracks are everywhere once you start looking.


Standard instruction gives deference
to the invading presence
of an unseen world.
Give your gods
a place at the alter.
Hope they will stay

Some think it wise to spread worship around a bit,
so that a wider range of deities
can be invoked on special occasions,
while others recommend
cultivating one or two gods;
building up a sort of client relationship.
(Note: If one god has been useful in previous times of crisis,
be sure to invoke that one next time around.)

You are the customer.
Try to get the most value for your money.


No, I have not pushed the supernatural aside
(though I may not speak well
of it to strangers.)

It is not important whether I spend my days
fly shit
from pepper.

The grain in the wood
needs no effort
to carry
the consciousness of the tree.

What are you looking for?