Something Within

My skin pierces through the sharp blade  

My stomach gets penetrated by the peril 

My hands start to tremble as I pluck out the subtle petals 

My nose starts to sniff the aroma of tulips and roses 

My eyes start to calm down thinking about the sweetening memories 

My ears start to rouse to the sensing call in the distance 

My legs start to walk to the pleasant delight 

My mouth starts to taste the dampness of the environment 

My toes start to grasp the mellow dirt underneath 

My nerves start to pound against my skin 

My heart starts to flutter as I walk toward the yearning effect 

My mind starts to click as my soul fades away 

My fingers start to let go of the blossoms  

My soul starts to fade away as I place the flowers on the engraved stone 

My brain starts to scrutinize my name on the gravestone 

My senses tell me the news through something within 

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