Son, I Just Don’t Know

My Son,
I just don’t know.
I wonder if you’ll come late or early,
Being a product of both us,
I just can’t tell.

Can’t wait for you to hear the album
We made you to.
Sounds cliché but
You don’t even know what cliché means.
Okay, it was Marvin Gaye,
Your dad has game.

Fun fact your mum was named after a song
By Eric Clapton.
You’ll hear it soon enough, Leila.
He plays it every time he’s over,
Your granddads have taste.

I wonder if you’ll like anime
Just like your granddad.
I’ll look for my collection,
We’ll find out soon Son.

I wonder if you’ll like German.
I know your mum will insist,
So be prepared.

First piece of advice that I know;
You need to learn to enjoy the small things early.
Let me tell you a little something,
About a fruit called Avocado.

To be honest since I heard you were coming,
I think I might need you more
Than you need me.

I know my father would have loved
To meet you.
I miss him a lot,
I wonder if you’ll miss me the same,
When I’m gone.

What I do know
is that we can’t wait
For you to get here and we
Already love you.
P.S your mum can’t fathom me being
Your favorite so don’t mention it.

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