“Sounds of Thunder Below the Horizon”

Sounds of Thunder Below the Horizon

Lamplight glows in the window
against cold panes of glass.
Outside the mood is ominous,
like an unhappy sky-bride
trying to hold back her tears of despair.

I feel her heart rumbling as though
she cannot manage to compose herself.
She is preparing to weep tonight.
The air seems to disappear, as distant
thunder nears.

A cavernous inhalation leaves a deficit
behind. I am reminded of a drawing
in a childhood storybook, a drawing of
the man-in-the-moon taking a deep breath
so he can blow fat clouds into a fury.

While I make tea by cozy lamplight,
I let the ruffled feelings of this fitful goddess
spill from the sky and fill my china teapot
with collected emotions…
eons of love, joy and defeat.

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