Strangers With Memories


When everyone has gone to sleep, I dim my lights and revisit old memories

I remember that night when you told me your parents’ verdict, I looked so stupid

unable to control the smile on my face, I swore I thought I could dance

“Yes, I’m coming to the capital of China. Yes, I’m coming to see you”

I must’ve asked about a hundred times if your parents really let you go

Nobody had seen it coming but even if it was just a week, we would be together


Never thought we’d hike the Great Wall and walk the Forbidden City together

But watching you act like a carefree child will always be a favorite memory

Within the walls of my room you belted the lyrics and let all your insecurities go        

like nobody was watching. I couldn’t stop smiling and I know it sounds stupid

and maybe a little too clichéd, but I’ve never felt so happy just to be here with you

blasting music I never thought I’d like, but with you it made me want to dance.


When U2’s One came on, you held out your hand and asked me to dance

I admitted I didn’t know how but you said I should try, we’d do it together.

So I take a deep breath, a little self-conscious as I wrap my arms around you

But I remember that reassuring smile, now forever engraved in my memory

as you led the way. Never been the ballerina on the dance floor, I didn’t feel stupid

and out of place. You pulled me closer and held on tight, you promised to not let go.


Wrapped in your embrace I lay my head on your shoulder, and I let go

Of all the worries I’ve ever had. Eyes closed and at peace, we danced.

We were two teenagers swaying to the song of resignation. Maybe it’s stupid

to dance to heartbreak but the song sounds different when we’re together.

With my cheek against your shoulder, we vowed never to fade into a memory

Because we’re one, no matter how different, taking on the world, me and you


The rest of the world faded away, and like living a dream I looked up at you,

Staring into your jade green eyes, I never wanted to let this moment go

With just one look we understood, that this would always be our favorite memory

Searching, in your eyes I found happiness and a longing for a future together

Gazing back at me. More than anything I wanted our story to be a timeless dance

But they weren’t kidding when they said love made us blind, and stupid


I once thought that this would last till the sun didn’t rise, I was so naive and stupid.

I pretend these memories don’t hurt because I’m still in love with the memory of you.

Need to accept that after everything’s been said and done we’re no longer together

But I tried and I couldn’t stop the bleeding with just a band-aid as I watched you go

Never thought one day I’d have to rip a part of me when you first asked me to dance.

Did I disappoint you? Because all that’s left of us now is just a gut-wrenching memory.



Two of us together will always be an unforgettable memory, it was just a shame we let each other go 

The music to our story has faded and died, and this concludes our very last dance

Because we’re not one and we’re not the same. You and I are just strangers with memories. 

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