Swift Voices

Swift Voices

Swift voices echo unceasing,

Malicious voices,

Confusing human minds,

Human voices whispering everywhere,

Voices spreading out the four corners of the earth,

Like giant waters swallowing an uncertain city,

By whispering about and saying out,

God is a woman!


Affliction in confusion!

Confusing news from human voices,

Deceiving words depending on human beliefs,

By portraying a god from the human point of view,

Dressed in fake garments of human weaknesses,

Crowned out on human fears and worries and pride,

By walking in human limitations of not working best on human weaknesses!

Behold! “Ancient history cries out the perfect existence of the Creator.”

Behold! Archeology raises the dust from ancient stones,

Declaring and revealing an endless victory,

Victory in the existence and presence of the Everlasting Creator,

Crowned in majestic glory,

Dressed on in Divine Nature,

Walking in Righteousness and Holiness,

Thundering out His voice in perfect power and authority,

Mighty thunder in His voice declaring divine King’s voice,

Shaking the earth and the heavens!

Speaking out His perfect will,

Exposing out in His words His divine emotions and thoughts,

His Holy Spirit of righteousness and holiness!

Behold, the Mighty King exposes His presence in human history!

Swift voices from the ancient people shouted out the name of the Everlasting Creator,

The God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob!

Days like today still shouting out swift voices in permanent Joy,

Exposing out His perfect miracles in triumphant victories,

Men and women telling their stories in their past life,

Said out in confusing times,

I was born a woman,

Though I feel like a man,


I am a man,

Though I feel like a woman,

Oh, Feelings!

Human feeling in fragility!


Swift voices exhibit new life in several men and women,

Perfect miracles vanishing human confusion and pride in permanent ashes,

God’s perfect wonders in human life!

Singing in harmony the exceptional beauty,

Perfection of being a man or a woman in the human flesh!

The exquisite beauty of men in their distinctive strength,

Men in their unique thoughts,

Men in their motives and their desires declaring contrary than women!

Swift voices in perfect miracles experiencing godly thoughts in this fragile life,

A temporary life in endless victories in human life!

Behold! The Glorious God exhibits no human weaknesses,

Behold! His voice declaring no limitations,

He thunders His authority by being the everlasting King of everything!

Oh, the God of Abraham reveals in His supreme voice,

 Oh, everlasting King exposes Himself every day His perfect point of view and His will beyond human religion and pride!


Written by Marleni Luna

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