“The Beautifool Tyrants”

Beguiled by the sweetened words
seasoned and and wrapped up with fake oaths garnished with faulty truths
polished with beautiful smiles
flowing down their deceptive empty stomachs of treachery
into the ears of these poor masses desperately waiting for that savior

Alarming shame
unimaginable, undeserved pains and agony looms and hover round the head of a free man like a rotten carcass thrown recklessly into the midst of a busy street

Standing before us are the resourceful sharers of our beloved Nation’s economy
looters with their fearsome sword-like pens tearing down the heart of the National resources shaterers of our reservoir
enthusiastically sitting round the table we bought for them with our sweat of blood
making rules on how to enlarge their already filled pockets to take in more goodies

Hastily these tiny monstrous creatures are swallowing up river Niger
swiftly and rapidly into their insatiable pot bellies fattened up with immeasurable loots
a thousand year toil gone in just a gulp

Industrious men
look the sustenance of sundry swells their stomachs belly out like a woman pregnant of triplets


Reliable men everywhere plundering the stores meant for posterity
leaving no trace to their atrocities
dipping their well trimmed fingers into our eyes to see if we still could shed tears

Unrepented and resolute usurpers resourfacing again
raring up their ugly faces once more
asking for a second chance a hundred times

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