The Black Poem I Wrote

As I now laid to rest
All tucked in bed mom read to me the best bedtime story about “the girl that never was”.

I dreamt of Sunny blue sky
Rainbow hanging over the mystical clouds
The stars aligning with the moon
And ooouuu..the flower that bloomed in the desert

Never have I thought
Never have I wished
Never have I dreamt that when I wake up I would see this,

A little black girl standing in silence with tears running down her hill like cheeks and her mouth tightly sealed
Mom has plunged the knife in dad’s heart seemingly more than twice and he fell to the floor like an elephant
The mirror is shattered and her eyes are battered
Then suddenly I heard
3 go!

They took my mom, they took my mommy, they took my mother left me standing
Here, is the black poem I wrote.  

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