The Brutality Of Homelessness

Throwing away tents and personal property
Of people who continue to be kicked by life
During winter because rule makers don’t care if
The poor and impoverished can or do not survive
As the masses spew comments of condemnation
Against the homeless, who they think chose this
Because being kicked, spat on, and ritually abused
Wasn’t bad enough and an example of unfettered evil
Now the government is taking their turn
By banning tents from the streets, and criminalizing
Good people trying to do good deeds for the homeless
As the police dispose of their shelter and personal property
Tears fall across the faces of these broken human beings
As they watch the reds and greens of their tents turn
Into shreds of nothing, their photographs become memories,
They have lost everything that ever meant anything to them
As bystanders record it and use their misery for clout
The homeless are societies mirror, our reflection has become
Covered in weeds and dirt because there is nothing uglier
Than treating the weakest with such brutality.

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