The Gods Slingshot Us For Sport

Vishnu curls me in a ball

Pulls the string to breaking point

Launches me at Shiva’s forehead

I pray – to whom I know not – for salvation


Brahma frowns

But cannot resist

Standing on a cloud

Slingshots a soul to Yama


Yama caresses his head

Catapults a woman to Agni

Agni glares

Scorching Yama.


Indra draws his arm back

Releases a girl in the wind

“Ouch!” bellows Vayu

Massaging his arm.


Kali curses

Her stone man strays

Missing Lakshmi’s eye.

Vishnu scowls.


Forgetting about us

The Gods turn to other games

We wait, willing them to

Drop us back in our daily lives.

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